Things to Know About Y-Axis Anti-Fraud Policy

Y-Axis Overseas Careers has been offering immigration and visa services across India for more than a decade now. During this period, the company has experienced both good and bad. And to address the bad, the fraud, it has created an anti-fraud policy, which you as a customer must be aware of.

Y-Axis Anti-Fraud Policy is a protection cover for all the clients to be safe from immigration fraud. The policy was created in the interest of the people willing to migrate overseas.

Quick highlights of the Anti-Fraud Policy:

  • Ask for a receipt when you make a payment. Y-Axis gives a receipt for every payment it receives, no matter how big or small the amount is. A soft copy of the receipt is also sent to the client’s email.
  • Do not pay, enter into an oral or verbal agreement with any Y-Axis employee or person claiming to be a Y-Axis employee. The company won’t be liable for any such activity between an employee or a third person and the client.
  • By all means, avoid fraudulent documentation. Y-Axis Overseas Careers does not accept cases with incorrect documents or information to process immigration and visa applications.

Besides that, the company does not offer any job or visa guarantee. It is at the sole discretion of the employers and the respective visa consulate/embassy. So keep yourself safe and contact Y-Axis for genuine immigration service and report to us if you see any fraudulent activity.


  • Rajamohan kamineni May 23, 2015 Reply

    My case was assigned to Mr. Mohammad Afzal (Process Consultant), who was with me right though my journey for the Skilled Nominated Migration Visa-190. My consultant helped me in firstly elucidating the stage by stage activities involved in the filing the Visa Application. He had reviewed all my work sheets & documents in a systematic manner and suggested me for the further required inputs and changes to me made to strengthen the chances of consideration.
    He had followed up my process activities with me periodically and helped in accelerating the step by step activities.
    Mr Afzal had worked for my case even after the office hours in certain stages of the process.
    I had felt that the entire process had gone in a very smooth way, and all this has happened with the true support of my process Consultant i.e Mr Afzal and Y-Axis.

  • Sabayasachi Mohanty May 23, 2015 Reply

    My experience with Y-axis has been very good so far. They ensured all my documents were in place before applying for skill assessment which completed in a record 4 working days. Afzal from Y-axis Hyderabad has been spot on with the documentations.
    Looking forward to other services!!

  • Ashok Koujalagi May 26, 2015 Reply

    I wanted to convey my utmost appreciation for being a wonderful Process Consultant to me. The best thing about you is the dexterity in you which has inspired me a lot and If today I have reached one step ahead in the ladder of success in my career I have no doubts in saying I owe it to you. I hope you will continue to motive me further during my stay in the Germany.
    Thank you so much Shailendra Kumar.

  • Revanth Gurajala May 26, 2015 Reply

    I have approached Y-Axis to assist me to get a VISA for a particular country and they were clear with their terms and conditions. My lead from this company has been Netradhini Wankhede and she has been so supporting and accommodating throughout the process courteously. So far so good and progressing on the track and we are all-most 70% through and in the phase of VISA stamping. Hope for good with all the gods grace and thanks for all the support guys.

  • Akhila D July 27, 2015 Reply

    Y axis has been very supportive during the whole Visa process and the team especially has been very patient to all our queries. Very thankful to the whole team who helped us reach our dream destination- Australia.

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