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Why People Think Y-Axis is a Polished Company

Transforming an incubated idea into a full-blown business is no easy task. Many of the founders who work towards this need help tackling this mighty metamorphosis. Y-Axis, India’s best known and largest immigration consultancy has been on this path for a long time, since 1999.  When we look at the important points of macro level analysis as a part of…

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The Y-Axis Way to Understanding Client Needs

Why would anyone, like me, want to hire a consultant for immigration? Of course, because they need a visa as the procedures are too difficult, right? Correct! But there is a lot more to it than just that.It’s ironic that many immigration consultancies seem to have a really difficult time understanding what their clients really want and an even harder time articulating…

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Y-Axis Provide the Best Value in Immigration Services

Why does a client purchase from one seller as opposed to another? As per recent research, clients tend to purchase from merchants who are excellent at rendering immigration services:   See ALL the Customer’s Needs It is insufficient to come to an obvious conclusion regarding client needs the organization is putting forth. You should likewise associate with the people who…

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