Trust Y-axis for all your Immigration Needs.

If you ask what Y-Axis can give you, you will get a very elaborate answer for this simple question. As we started we spread our services over a wide range. In terms of immigration, we are the best in the whole of India. This status however was not easy to achieve.


We have achieved this only after a lot of hard work and dedication to establish firm faith of our clients. Our aim at Y-Axis is to give nothing  but the best to the clients who come to us for assistance in the immigration process. We begin with filing your application and submitting the same. All this starts only after you submit your profile to us.


If you are a student aiming to study abroad, we tell you the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled to acquire a visa, while telling you what you can do to become eligible. You can take all such important decisions under the able guidance of experts at Y-Axis. Our team ensures that you don’t have to go far in search of these services.

Is it only the students that can seek help from Y-Axis? No, we also help our clients find a job or even plan a rejuvenating holiday. You can rely on us to make an impressive resume for you and find also find you a suitable job. To make sure you get exactly what you need, we have hired only experts in ever field.

So once you consult Y-Axis for your immigration needs, we assure you a worry free experience. To ensure this further, we have designed a reliable anti fraud policy that never lets anything go wrong. Our policy keeps a check on the kind of interaction between our client and employees by placing various restrictions on them.

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