Y-Axis Immigration Evaluation Services

A lot of people want to migrate overseas, but are not sure whether they qualify or not. If they do qualify, they do not know which country they qualify for and what steps they need to follow to pursue their migration dream.

Therefore, Y-Axis offers immigration evaluation services for a pocket-friendly price for Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The evaluation reports are primarily based on the information provided by the customer – age, education, experience, language and few other factors.

The evaluation reports are given to the client in 24-48 hours after documents and other formalities of the service are completed. Upon positive evaluation, Y-Axis suggests the next steps required to submit an immigration petition. And if the evaluation results are negative, Y-Axis consultants suggest other suitable options to work and settle abroad.

Y-Axis does evaluation for many people each month and only if the results are positive it takes the application forward. The whole evaluation process is very transparent and leaves no room for any fraud or complaints. The Y-Axis anti-fraud policy and customer relationship teams are also in place to protect customer interest and resolve any Y-Axis complaints and thereby Y-Axis reviews.

The immigration evaluation service lets you know how much you score and whether you qualify or not. The consultants also suggest measures that could help you increase your score and qualify to migrate to the country of your choice.

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