The Y-Axis Way to Understanding Client Needs

Why would anyone, like me, want to hire a consultant for immigration? Of course, because they need a visa as the procedures are too difficult, right? Correct! But there is a lot more to it than just that.It’s ironic that many immigration consultancies seem to have a really difficult time understanding what their clients really want and an even harder time articulating what makes their consultancy is different from the competition.


As a client, I have to hire a reputed company like Y-Axis and this has given me an understating of a wider perspective on what clients, like me, actually want from their consultants. Firstly, there should be no Y-Axis Fraud. To this goal, Y-Axis has used high standards of anti fraud policies to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

I also spoke to a handful of my friends and colleagues who have hired these guys and asked them for their comments and feedback, which I’ll share here. Some said that the reason they were unhappy with their past agencies was because of a lack of pro activity. As a professional myself, it is impossible to create your best work if you don’t feel passion for it. Hence, they might be given some Y-Axis Complaints.

But this doesn’t happen at Y-Axis as when they have built a strong relationship with a client, me, by offering value outside of the scope of a project, they are going to be more a lot more likely to reciprocate by providing high Y-Axis Ratings.

Taking the lead means knowing the right questions to ask while also being confident in your expertise so you can guide your client down the right path. The company understands this, as evident in so many positive Y-Axis Reviews that their clients leave them.

So I suggest that before you go to their competitors for any reason, do consult with them to get value of your service.

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